Events and Activities

An active minyan meets three times daily and serves the larger community as the closest shul off the Parkway for commuters and those reciting Kaddish.

Shaare Torah is extremely active, with regular social events. Our gatherings include: Shabbatons, Melave Malkas, Pirates Games, Concerts, Super Bowl Sunday Parties, Lectures and Annual Dinners.

A delicious kiddush is shared by all congregants after every Shabbat service - a lovely way to share a simcha, socialize, and relax. Our Kiddush Committee also caters special events and life cycle markings, such as Bar Mitzvahs, Brit Milahs, Birthdays, and Anniversaries.

Shaare Torah Cemetery is beautifully kept. Yahrtzeit reminders are sent to family members.

Please check the weekly bulletin for accurate times.

Time Class
Daily Before ShacharitDaf Yomi
Monday 7:40am Chumash Devarim (at AJL)
8:40pm Chumash Shemos
Tuesday 7:30pm Parsha (Rabbi S.)
Thursday 9:00am Navi (at AJL)
Shabbos 8:30am Talmud
before torah readingMussar
before Mincha Talmud

Free activities for youth of all ages are available every Shabbat and holidays. Youth activities include: Children's Activities Room, Sunday breakfasts, and more. Children are welcomed and included at Shaare Torah.

Annual Dinner Video Presentation(62 MB)