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FRIDAY - 7:30 A.M. - NOON



Sunday - 7:50 A.M.
Monday &Thursday - 6:35 A.M.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday - 6:50 A.M.
Rosh Chodesh - 6:20 A.M.


Daf Yomi - Shabbat - 45 minutes before Mincha Sunday-7:00 A.M.;
Monday-Friday - 6:00 A.M.
Navi Shmuel - Sunday - 8:40 A.M.
Talmud Ta'anit - Monday - 8:00 P.M.
Tehillim - Tuesday - 9:30 A.M.
Chumash Shemot - Tuesday - 7:00 P.M.
Parsha class - Wednesday - 7:15 P.M.
Mishna and More - Wednesday - 9:00 P.M.
Ahavat Chessed -Shabbat before Torah Reading
Halachic topics - Daily between Mincha/ Ma'ariv


Parsha Yitro - Shemot - 18:1 - 20:23
Pages 344 - 356 in The Living Torah
Haftarah: Yeshayahu 6:1 - 7:6 & 9:5 - 6
Pages 1114 - 1116 in The Living Torah

Check Eruv 412-421-1437
www. PittsburghEruv.org
Mincha - 5:35 P.M.
Candlelighting by 5:40 P.M.

Shacharith - two services 7:00 A.M & 8:50 A.M.
Groups B4 Groups - 9:15 A.M.
Youth Activities - 10:00 A.M.
Kiddush Following Services
Mincha - 5:30 P.M.
followed by Shalosh Seudot
Maariv - 6:45 P.M.
Havdallah after 6:49 P.M.

Candlelighting Feb. 23 - 5:48 P.M.

BIRTHDAY KIDDUSH - Birthday Kiddush is being sponsored by the Small family in honor of Aria's birthday, Howard Rieger in honor of Beverly's birthday, Golovin family in honor of Shira's birthday, Sunshine family in honor of Elisheva's birthday, Heym family in honor of Leah's birthday and Danny, Rami, Coby, Ty and Ash Shaw in honor of Miri and Shayna's birthdays.

SHALOSH SEUDOS - Shalosh Seudos is being sponsored by Howard and Beverly Rieger on the Yahrtzeit of Goldie Rosenthal Rieger (Golda bat Eliezer Yosef - 29 Shevat), and Michael Rieger (Meyer ben Mordecai - 21 Shevat).

THANK YOU - The shul expresses its thanks to the following people who have contributed to the shul during the past week: Brian and Barbara Cynamon in memory of Dr. Esther Lieber, Z"L and in memory of Martin Nahemow, Z"L; Sandy and Linda Glick to the Neil Glick Memorial Fund of the Shaare Torah Special Fund in memory of Hope Anderson, of Blessed Memory; Danny and Sharon Greenfield in memory of Dr. Esther Lieber, Z"L; Rabbi David and Naama Lazar in memory of Dr. Esther Lieber, Z"L; Eric and Susan Safyan in memory of Dr. Esther Lieber, Z"L and in memory of Joseph Safyan, Z"L; Howard and Shelly Schapiro in memory of Dr. Esther Lieber, Z"L; Jason and Stefanie Small in memory of Dr. Esther Lieber, Z"L and in memory of Martin Nahemow, Z"L.
Aliyahs: Sandy Glick, Yakov Herskowitz, Eric Safyan. Yahrtzeits: Carol Lederer in memory of Irwin Cohen, Z"L; Howard Rieger in memory of Golda bat Eliezer Yosef (Goldie Rieger), Z"L and Meyer ben Mordecai (Michael Rieger), Z"L; Ronna Scoratow in memory of Joseph Scoratow, Z"L

MAZEL TOV - and good wishes to Tamar Wasserman who last week officially made Aliyah.

FYI - Linda will not be in the office on Monday and Tuesday, February 20 and 21. In case of an emergency, please call Rabbi Wasserman.

SHAARE TORAH BLOOD DRIVE - Please plan to join us on Sunday, March 5th for Shaare Torah's Blood Drive. We'll be here from 9:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M. and you can make an appointment for a time that will work for you. Contact Linda in the shul office (412-421-8855) or e-mail to Office@ShaareTorah.net and register. Your help is needed to be sure the Central Blood Bank has a supply of blood available when needed. Join us and help save a life.

MATZA - For the past many years Mrs. Webber, owner of the Chareidim Matzah Bakery in Boro Park, has been selling Matzah at a wholesale price to regular buyers of large order (like RDW) and whatever is left she sells at a retail price to people who come to bakery to purchase (if you think the wholesale price was high, you are right. And the retail price is even higher). Every year, the Rabbi takes orders from shul members and friends and sells the matzah to you at cost, plus a small fee per pound just to cover the costs of hooking a u-haul to his van and driving to NY to pick up the matza and bring it back to Pittsburgh (this matzah is so thin that it can't be sent by common carrier). The bakery owner has decided that she no longer will sell wholesale. Rather, any orders, even big orders, will be at the retail price. However, she will give a slight discount to her longtime customers. So, this year, the Rabbi is once again offering to take orders and to go and pick up the matza, but the prices will be at the bakery's retail price. The discount she will give him should cover the transportation costs. The prices for this year are listed below. As usual, ORDERS ARE DUE BY PURIM DAY (Sunday, March 12) and we will hold the matza in shul until closer to Pesach when you are ready to pick it up. Of course, Murray Avenue Kosher and Costco will have other matza for sale as usual, but you can decide for yourself if the thin, tasty matza we have been getting is worth the retail price. The prices for this year will be: Regular Matza - $32 per pound - Regular Broken Matza - $28 per pound - Whole Wheat Matza - $35 per pound - Broken Whole Wheat Matza - $32 per pound. ORDERS ARE DUE BY PURIM DAY (Sunday, March 12). ORDERS ARE ONLY CONFIRMED UPON RECEIVING PAYMENT. Please order by emailing or calling the shul office. The check can be made out to Shaare Torah Special Fund and marked "matza" in the memo. Since we are selling the matza at cost, if you wish to use a credit card or paypal to pay for the matzah there will be a fee added to the order (2.0%-3.5% depending on the credit card). Orders are due in 24 days (or less by the time you read this), so don't delay!

WE HAVE PURIM CARDS - Want to send your friends and family a message of Happy Purim and donate to the Shaare Torah at the same time? Want to spruce up your own Mishloach Manot by adding a unique and personal card? Now available for purchase is our beautiful Shaare Torah Purim postcard featuring Shaare Torah's unique stain glass window of Purim artwork. The text includes … "Wishing you and your family a Purim Sameach from Congregation Shaare Torah. In lieu of Mishloach Manot a donation in your honor has been made to Congregation Shaare Torah by ……." Cards are available for $2 each or 10 for $18. Please call the office before stopping in just to be sure Linda is in the office.

LADIES NAVI CLASS - The Ladies Navi Class meets on Shabbat at 4:00 P.M. at the home of Tootsie Markovitz.

LET'S FILL THE YELLOW BARREL - We hope to continue to help the Sq. Hill Food Pantry by filling the yellow barrel in the entrance hall. Keep in mind that there is always a list of needed items. Canned soup, cold cereal, pasta, peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, tuna, 100% fruit juice, bar soap, laundry and dish detergents, disinfecting wipes, diapers, and shampoo are always needed. We are proud of our work in the community helping those who need. Please fill our yellow barrel when you are able. Many people thank you for your participation!