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Sunday - 7:50 A.M.
Monday &Thursday - 6:35 A.M.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday - 6:50 A.M.
Rosh Chodesh - 6:20 A.M.
Daf Yomi - Shabbat - 45 before Mincha
Sunday-7:00 A.M.; Monday-Friday - 6:00 A.M.
Navi Melachim - Sunday - 8:40 A.M.
Mishlei - Tuesday - 9:30 A.M.
Chumash - Tuesday 7:00 P.M.
Parsha class - Wednesday - 7:15 P.M.
Talmud Bava Metzia - Wednesday - 8:15 P.M.
Mishna and More - Wednesday - 9:00 P.M.
Ahavat Chessed -Shabbat before Torah Reading
Halachic topics - Daily between Mincha/ Ma'ariv
Parsha: LECH LECHA- B'reishit 12:1 - 17:27
Pages 52 - 78 in The Living Torah
Haftarah: Yeshayahu 40:27 - 41:16
Pages 1058 - 1060 in The Living Torah


Check Eruv 412-421-1437
www. PittsburghEruv.org
Mincha - 6:15 P.M.
Candlelighting by 6:16 P.M.
Shacharith - two services 7:00 A.M & 8:50 A.M.
Groups B4 Groups - 9:15 A.M.
Youth Activities - 10:00 A.M.
Kiddush Following Services
Mincha - 6:00 P.M.
followed by Seudah Shlishit
Maariv - 7:20 P.M.
Havdallah after 7:22 P.M.

Candlelighting Oct. 26 by 6:06 P.M.
KIDDUSH - With gratitude to Hashem, Kiddush this week is sponsored by the Kisilinsky Family in honor of Tali's Bat Mitzvah.

THANK YOU - The shul expresses its thanks to the following people who have contributed to the shul during the past week: Aliyahs; Sandy Glick, Barry Leskowitz, Jonathan Loring, Dr. Jose Sahel, Louis Zelkowitz Yahrtzeits: Mira and David Zimmerman for the Yahrtzeit of Dora Zimmerman, Z"L.

MAZEL TOV - Macy and Maxine Kisilinsky and the entire family on Tali's Bat Mitzvah.

LECTURE BY "OUR" LINDA TASHBOOK - Reserve a spot and plan to attend a free lecture by Linda Tashbook, in connection with the release of her soon to be published book. The lecture will be on Thursday, December 6, at 6:00pm, at the Carnegie Library Lecture Hall, 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, 15213. For more information and to reserve your seat, go to:

JOIN US NOVEMBER 18 - at around 4:00 P.M. (after the Blood Drive is over) for our fall, family-friendly program and event that will honor Danielle Greathouse (who led the Shaare Torah Shabbat Morning Youth Program for the past few years) and will benefit the Shaare Torah Shabbat Morning Youth Program.

IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY - to mark your calendar for our next blood drive. It will be held on Sunday, November 18th from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. You can even register now to get the best time for you to give. Send us an e-mail or call the shul office.

From the creators of the Shaare Torah Chili Cook-off comes:
Souper Shabbat Dinner: A Competitive Meal in One Course*
With the change of the clocks, candle lighting will be at 4:50 P.M. on November 9. Why rush to make dinner when you can just make reservations? Like every year, Shaare Torah will be hosting a Shabbat dinner for the first early Shabbat of the Season. This year, we couldn't decide on what soup to serve, so we want you to decide. Sign up with your best soup recipe, cook it for the crowd, and enjoy some friendly competition. November 9th, 6pm. Adults: $18 Children (3-11): $12 Family Max: $70. RSVP by calling (412-421-8855) or emailing (Office@ShaareTorah.net) the Shul. Please make your reservations by Noon on Monday, November 5th or sign up to cook a soup by Wednesday, October 31. *A full shabbat dinner will be provided.

CHECK THIS OUT - Howard Rieger and Beverly Siegel have been working on a project in West Rogers Park in Chicago. Beverly's documentary, which will be shared at the November 1, 7:30 P.M. gathering at the JCC captures the communal undertakings, as well as the Jewish history of West Rogers Park.

FAVOR FROM LINDA - When sending an e-mail to the shul office, please sign it with your full name. We received one asking us to relay a message on to a member family, but they did not sign it and we did not recognize the e-mail address. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

LADIES NAVI CLASS - The Ladies Navi Class meets on Shabbat from 4:00 to 5:00 P.M. at the home of Tootsie Markovitz.

YIZKOR PLEDGES - For those who pledged to themselves before Yizkor to make a Yizkor donation, please don't forget to forward your Yizkor donation to the shul or to whichever charity you intended. If you would like to purchase a memorial plaque to be installed on the memorial boards in the Memorial Hall, please contact Linda in the shul office.

OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH - PLEASE, if you haven't made an appointment to have your mammogram, please, please do so now.

KOL NIDRE APPEAL - You don't have to wait to receive an invoice for your Kol Nidre Appeal Pledge. Please send in your check or call or e-mail Linda and ask her to put it on your credit card. How easy is that!

TALLIT KOL HANEARIM - It was wonderful to see all the babies, toddlers and children, who were called up to the Torah together on Simchat Torah, standing under the big Tallit and reciting the blessings of the Torah. For this "Kol Hanearim" aliyah we spread out above the heads of the children the huge Kol Hanearim Tallit donated by the Strauss and Small families (the families of Jason and Stefanie Small). The Tallit normally hangs on the north wall of the main sanctuary and on the Tallit there are names of many of the children of the congregation embroidered - the beautiful and patient handiwork of Adina Berzofsky, Ilana Levari, Rebbitzen Judith Wasserman and Devorah Young. It was especially touching watching the children scan the Tallit, and find their own names upon it. Now, while the Tallit is down for a few weeks after Simchat Torah, you have the opportunity to add names of children to the Tallit. Each name is $72. Please contact the shul office if you wish to add names. A needlepoint Atara (crown or collar) will be created for the Tallit in the future.
LET'S FILL THE YELLOW BARREL - We hope to continue to help the Sq. Hill Food Pantry by filling the yellow barrel in the entrance hall. Keep in mind that there is always a list of needed items. Canned soup, cold cereal, pasta, peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, tuna, 100% fruit juice, bar soap, laundry and dish detergents, disinfecting wipes, diapers, and shampoo are always needed. We are proud of our work in the community helping those who need. Please fill our yellow barrel when you are able. Many people thank you for your participation!

THE SIYUM - On Yom Kippur, in his Kol Nidrei remarks, Rabbi Wasserman announced a congregation-wide (and beyond) project to get everyone involved in Torah study, working toward a siyum (celebration of completion) on Tana"ch, Mishna, and Talmud (and perhaps other works) that would involve all the men, women, and youngsters of the congregation. This siyum would be timed to coincide with the next worldwide Daf Yomi siyum, which will be in the first week of January 2020 (in 16 months). Stay tuned for more information and get ready to be a part of a great endeavor and a great event.